"There once was a time when the racing world was ruled by savage beasts."
I explored what Formula 1 could look like in the not so distant future. This metaphore explains my vision on the past, present and future of F1:

There once was a time when the racing world was ruled by savage beasts. They were captured just before the snowy season, when brave men had one winter to tame these creatures. After months of championship battle, a handful of the best animals were kept for another winter of training, while the others were set free.
The mixing of the creatures in the wild with their variety of genes gave rise to diversity at all levels. Every hunting season new species were discovered, with unseen traits that were often remarkable and sometimes invincible. We have all heard the myth of the hexapod.
But somewhere along the way, things changed. Once beloved peculiarities were now seen as monstrosities. The eccentric ones became freaks, and were put down and hunted down until none were left. These days only one species is left, living in standardized cages.

We must set them free. Legend goes that in the remote untraveled fields, savages still roam.​​​​​​​

The two images above were made by Marco van Overbeeke. Make sure to check out his superb work
I would like to thank Heriberto Maruzza for providing amazing CAD files of F1 wheels and jose lb for the outstanding intricate front wing he modelled. Although modified they gave me a great base & reference.
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