Bodywork design & production
A small group of TU Delft students designed and built the Novabike02, a racing motorcycle that runs on bio-ethanol and competes in the ONK Mono racing class. The whole bodywork design was my responsibility. A challenging task in which I tried to implement design into a functionality driven machine, and reveal as much of the engineering underneath as possible.

- Design in Solidworks
- Carbon fibre body by vacuum infusion 
- Monocoque sandwich structured seat weighing 2.6 kg 

Driver Nick Appelman with the Novabike02 at TT Assen (Photo: Roy Mulder).
A nice detail for the right hand turns!
A nice and articulate frame and swingarm! (photo Roy Mulder)
The open headstock.
The interim livery with raw steel tubing and carbon fibre body.
Wido Veldkamp working on the frame.
Some low quality screenshots of the model in SolidWorks.
The carbon fibre body was made with Vacuum Assisted Resin Transfer Moulding.
Making the moulds.
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