WORK IN PROGRESS - When I heard that this car would be built around a super 7 chassis, I knew I wanted to be part of this team. Being a lifelong enthousiast of Donkervoort and other Lotus 7-like cars, this was a great chance to work on a car with the same DNA. But the underlying technical package that is unseen from the outside is also unseen in automotive history: the car is powered by a one-off hydrogen fuel cell. 

For the project of the Forze Hydrogencar of the TU Delft I worked on the bodywork exterior design, together with Salar Vakili. The car is built around a super 7 spaceframe of the Raw Stryker. Main challenges were the implementation of the massive cooling cycles, since the hydrogencar requires large radiators. I like the way the design shows the shape and layout of the hydrogen tanks that are positioned on the sides.
It is a great project where some of the students are true pioneers. 
The car is currently being tested on track.
In 2015 the car will attempt to set a record on the Nurburgring for hydrogen fuel cell cars.

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